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The Aquabats Launch The Falcondrive Distortion/Overdrive Pedal Leave a comment

Superhero rock band The Aquabats have joined forces with Rude Tech founder and self-proclaimed Aquacadet Jesse Rhew for Eaglebones Falconhawk’s two-in-one signature effects stompbox—The Falcondrive distortion/overdrive.

Operation-wise, The Falcondrive carries four control dials and a single bypass switch. The Tone, Gain, and Volume functions are self-explanatory, while the Blend knob lets you change between distortion and overdrive sounds.

In true Aquabats style, The Falcondrive comes in a wacky-looking enclosure and with the alias “the coolest pedal in the universe,” made to offer two stalwart gain sounds in a single pedal.

“I’ve taught a lot of lessons over the years, and students always asked me what a good first pedal to buy was,” Ian Fowles detailed. “I would suggest an overdrive or a distortion.”

“So with The Falcondrive, I thought it would be nice to have both effects in one pedal so that no matter what guitar or amp you had, it could be useful,” he added. “And I wanted it to be a professional-grade pedal built with even the beginner in mind.”

“Jesse knows pedal history and circuits very well, and going back and forth really understood what kind of pedal I wanted to develop: something well built, easy to use, and accessible to all skill levels.”

You can get The Falcondrive thru The Aquabats’ Mystery Machine fundraiser for $199.

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