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A Kickstarter campaign for the new Thermion Zero Dynamic Hybrid Amplifier is now underway.

This ultra-versatile pedal amp consists of some ingenious features such as a full-fledged reverb section, a customizable effects loop, as well as I/O options aplenty for gigging, studio, and home use. 

Comprising the first section of the Zero is a preamp section, featuring three bright options—Bright 1, Bright 2, and Off—and a tone stack for shaping the signal. In the reverb section, the Zero packs a trio of predetermined reverbs, classified by size (S, M, XL), and paired with a Mix dial. 

In terms of I/O, players have a ton of options, but most notably, the unit has two balanced XLR outputs, each equipped with an analog speaker modeling technology. That further reinforces its capabilities for use in a live or recording rig.

“We have created Zero for those guitarists who love analog and realistic sound and don’t want to use digital emulators,” Thermion detailed. “Thanks to our own Class D hybrid power technology, with two real 40 watt outputs, we have reproduced the behavior of a tube amp’s transformers and all of their harmonics.”

The Zero Dynamic Hybrid Amplifier retails for €595. But since the Kickstarter campaign has already reached its €14,000 goal, guitarists can buy it at a discounted price of €442 until July 10. 

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