Korora Audio Launches the Merlo Harmonic Tremolo Leave a comment

Korora Audio has unveiled the Merlo—a unique harmonic tremolo boasting an extensive palette of tone-shaping options, tap-tempo rate control, and LFO shapes.

Similar to traditional harmonic tremolos, the Merlo changes between low- and high-pass signals. Per the press release, “Merlo also allows setting the crossover frequency, as well as the resonance and roll-off of the high and low pass filters. It also uses a more complex filter design that adds subtle (and sometimes pronounced) formants to the sound.”

The unit employs frequency modulation (FM) in the LFO to yield a broader range of musically pleasing envelope shapes. These include triangle, sine, and pulse envelopes, as well as ramps and other asymmetrical shapes. 

Control-wise, the Merlo sports Depth, Shape, Color, and Rate dials. The Shape knob enables continuous morphing from one shape to an entirely different one—e.g., from a ramp to a sine.

More than merely a vintage circuit emulation, the pedal also offers a range of textures to boost creativity in various tremolo situations. Other features include soft-touch true bypass, a tap tempo that glides to the new rate, FM generated LFO shapes, a trio of tone sculpting modes, and top-mounted jacks. 

The Merlo harmonic tremolo pedal is already available for $249 direct from Korora Audio and select retailers.

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