ThorpyFX Pulse Doppler

ThorpyFX Debuts the Pulse Doppler Analog Phaser Leave a comment

ThorpyFX has unveiled an all-analog MKII version of the Doppelganger, the Pulse Doppler Phaser.

Touted as “functionally simple” yet “deceptively” feature-laden, the Pulse Doppler is the brand’s first design launch since Dan Coggins joined the ThorpyFX team full time. It maintains the best of the Doppelganger, “mixing it up, distilling it, and releasing a more compact, and easier to utilize version.”

Featuring an intuitive five-knob interface, the Pulse Doppler can yield a wide range of sounds, from subtle vintage phase, tremolo, and vibrato to oscillating, psychedelic quirkiness. Modulation rate and depth are adjustable along with the wet signal blend.

Also available are Manual and Enhance dials for further tonal tweaking, with the former setting notch filter frequency for phasing sounds. You may also adjust the modulation phase position and scope further using a pair of toggle switches.

Designing the Pulse Doppler from the ground up, ThorpyFX says it delivers the most ultra-versatile and original phaser sounds from an analog effect. And much to the delight of stereo pedal enthusiasts, the unit comes with both dry and wet outputs.

Housed in a beautiful custom-engineered chassis, the Pulse Doppler is available for £264.99. You can hear it in action in the official introductory video below:

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