Haunted Labs Old Ruin

Haunted Labs Unveils the Old Ruin Distortion Leave a comment

North Carolina-headquartered stompbox manufacturer Haunted Labs has dropped its newest distortion unit, the Old Ruin.

Delivering a “user-friendly recipe for mayhem,” the Old Ruin features a three-knob control interface consisting of dials for Gain, Volume, and Texture. The latter functions as an additional tone sculptor, adding to the stompbox’s “pugnacious character.”

According to Haunted Labs, “Texture is much more than just an earthly tone control. It summons sonic nuances from the great beyond. Looking for something silky and stealthy? You’ll find it here. Prefer a stinging, searing experience like a face full of lava? Twist the Texture knob, wake up and smell the brimstone.”

In terms of tone, the brand says the Old Ruin serves up an extensive range of “distorted deliciousness,” from subtle overdrive to higher-gain howling.

Handcrafted in the USA, the Old Ruin comes with true bypass functionality and runs on standard 9V DC operation.

The Old Ruin retails for $159. Check out the demo video below or head over to Haunted Labs for more details.

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