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Effects pedal manufacturer Vick Audio has announced the reissue of the Lucky No. 13 fuzz pedal, which has been out of production since late 2014.

The Lucky No. 13 is an exceptionally smooth fuzz boasting thunderous lows and a ton of singing sustain. According to the press release, the pedal is perfect for “banging out woolly rhythms with its heavy dynamic fuzz tone, while retaining enough clarity to do lead work.”

Unlike most fuzz pedals, the Lucky No. 13 yields a natural-sounding decaying breakup and a smooth, saturated tone. It is spec’d from a classic single knob fuzz circuit designed in the 1960s. The difference is that the Lucky No. 13 comes with a smoother sound, higher gain, and a more contemporary voicing. The unit caters to those in the market for a unique signature fuzz tone.

Per usual with most single knob stompboxes, the sole control dial is for volume. “It is meant for you to use your guitar’s volume control to control the pedals gain,” the press release detailed.

Created in 2012, Vick Audio specializes in producing reissues of out of production and original guitar effects.

The Vick Audio Lucky No. 13 is available for $119. Check out the Vick Audio website for more details.

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