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Honoring its fan-favorite G2 overdrive, Revv Amplification has announced the limited-edition G2 Gold.

Besides the elegant finish, this gold version is internally identical to the regular G2. Spec’d from the Green Channel of Revv’s amps, the pedal carries a three-way toggle switch that modifies the drive mode. That allows for bringing the G2 down to a clean tone sculptor, a touch-sensitive overdrive, or an all-out amp-esque drive.

“The G2 is a labor of love between Revv & premier session guitarists. From clear tone-shaping boost, to touch-sensitive overdrive, to organic amp in a box distortion—The G2 gives your amp the final push it needs to get the job done,” Revv Amplification detailed.

Control-wise, the stomper consists of a three-position Drive switch and control knobs for three-band EQ, Gain, and Volume.

The Green Channel 2’s clarity and feel made it a favorite among Nashville session artists. Per Revv Amplification, “applying the Green Channel to an amp in a box pedal format also resulted in a great boost & overdrive pedal, always-on tone-enhancer, or even old-school higher gain sounds.”

The Revv G2 Gold is limited to only 200 units worldwide. It retails for $229 and will ship on September 10. Learn more at the Revv Amplification website.

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