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Victory Amps has unveiled The Copper preamp stompbox spec’d from its 2019 Copper amp head.

The Copper is an all-valve preamp voiced after British amps from the late 1950s. Players may use it in front of an amp or plug it into the return of their amp’s effects loop to bypass the front end and yield a more authentic version of The Copper.

As with other preamp pedals by Victory Amps, the V4 Copper comes with the same three-band EQ. It also sees the inclusion of an overall tone control and a treble booster. The foot-switchable treble boost circuit makes it perfect for mid-song texture edits or solo boosts.

Other intuitive controls include a three-position bass toggle switch that allows for tuning The Copper’s bass-response to complement that of the amp. Also on offer are two separate master volumes as well as an extensively-labeled set of in and out jacks for various connection configurations.

“If you’re going to be standing on it and it contains hot glass, it needs to be tough. The folded steel chassis and kick bar for the knobs means that this thing is ready for the road,” Victory Amps said of its sturdy built.

The Copper preamp stompbox operates on 12V DC, with a minimum of 800mA to power all four tubes. It is now available to order for £369. Head over to the Victory Amps website for more details.

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