Friedman Crams Its Small Box Amp Into a Pedal Leave a comment

Friedman Amplification has made its Small Box amplifier a little more faithful to its name with the new Small Box overdrive stompbox.

The Small Box pedal crams its namesake amp into a compact stompbox chassis. This amp-in-a-box unit serves up the “versatility, sensitivity, and harmonically rich overdrive” of the full-sized Small Box amplifier.

Boasting an intuitive control set identical to the amp, the Small Box stompbox consists of Bass, Treble, Pres, Vol, Mid, and Gain knobs for managing the bass, treble, presence, volume, midrange, and gain, respectively.

Moreover, the side of the enclosure carries a small toggle switch for selecting between two structure modes: low-gain or high-gain. With it in high-gain, the Small Box emulates the amp’s Plexi channel, while the lower gain mode enables it to function as a dirty booster.

Per Friedman Amplification, the Small Box is capable of screaming “with an unabashedly rock ’n’ roll voice while still being surprisingly versatile. You can go from screaming high gain to a killer dirty boost by simply rolling the pedal’s gain knob back and flipping the gain structure switch to ‘lower gain mode.’”

Other handy features include true bypass switching and side-mounted jacks. The unit can operate on anything between 9-18V DC but doesn’t take a battery.

The Small Box overdrive pedal retails for $199.99.

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