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Vidami Unleashes the Vidami Blue Wireless Bluetooth Looper Leave a comment

California-headquartered pedal builder Vidami has unveiled the Vidami Blue, a wireless Bluetooth looper stompbox capable of navigating DAWs, YouTube videos, and more.

Boasting wireless Bluetooth connectivity and compatibility with iPads, iPhones, and computers, the Vidami Blue lets you control videos from YouTube and 35+ other guitar learning sites. Even better, the pedal comes with tab scrolling and DAW Control modes for use with apps and websites such as Songster, ForScore, Onsong, and Ultimate Guitar.

In tab scrolling mode, you can navigate digital sheet music on the fly during live performances, while in DAW Control mode, you can record, add tracks, skip forward and back, and more.

“We are incredibly excited to release the Vidami Blue,” Vidami co-founder Wayne Jones exclaimed. “As professional musicians and designers, our goal at Vidami has remained constant: to build intuitive and inspiring tools that meet musicians where they’re already learning, performing, and creating.

“And with the Vidami Blue, we have realized a vision of the ideal practice/performing/recording tool that we’ve always wanted to use ourselves. Now, you can learn a new song on Monday through YouTube, record original tracks in your favorite DAW on Wednesday, then read electronic charts on your iPad at a gig on the weekend, all with a single wireless device.”

You can now pre-order the Vidami Blue for $199.

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