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Walrus Audio has introduced the new Kangra Filter Fuzz — a true bypass, two-in-one pedal designed alongside fuzz-obsessed Saturday Night Live guitarist Jared Scharff.

The pedal draws inspiration from Scarff’s favorite vintage fuzz pedal, the Kay Fuzz Tone. Cooperating through numerous calls, emails, texts, and mailing prototypes back and forth, the Kangra was born with loads of grit, teeth, vintage vibe, and great modern features.

The Kangra combines a spatty and thick octave fuzz with a psychedelic filter perfect for frequency boost, sweeps, or envelope filter sounds. The filter can run with the fuzz feeding into it or individually.

The Kangra carries an M/V (modern/vintage) switch that enables access to two different fuzz styles and a versatile filter with Frequency, Sensitivity, Resonance, and Envelope controls.

“On the filter, I wanted to go for that vintage mpc 3000 low pass type of thing… Or similar to doing a low pass plug-in for a track, or like a dj would do without it being too ‘wah pedal’ like, and this achieved that,” Scharff detailed.

Housed in a “Peach Ice Cream” enclosure with an Adam Forster-designed artwork, the Kangra retails for $199 and is already available on Walrus Audio’s website and other authorized dealers across the globe.

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