Walrus Audio Crams Slö and Fathom Into a Gold Standard Unit Leave a comment

Walrus Audio has unveiled a highly limited reverb stompbox that crams the Slö and Fathom pedals into a gold-standard chassis. 

According to Reverb, “This Reverb exclusive Gold Standard Fathom & Slö reverb combo was concocted by a strange little wizard we found in the deep woods of Broken Bow, Oklahoma. Ingredients were collected for 36 years to come up with the finest combination of reverb that a specific amount of dollars that we had could buy.” 

The Slö and Fathom exist in their entirety. Each features individual bypass indicators and sustain footswitches. Meaning, both are capable of yielding their signature swelling, ambient pads. Combining both stompboxes into a single unit delivers a virtually infinite amount of soundscaping possibilities and quality reverb.

Moreover, all of the controls remain from each. The Slö is capable of functioning in Rise, Dark, and Dream modes: swelling, sub-octave, and shimmery ambient reverbs, respectively. It consists of controls for modulation depth and waveform, reverb decay, tone filter, and the overall mix.

The Fathom side features different operating modes: Plate, Hall, Sonar, and Lo-Fi, as well as a trio of modulation modes, and controls for dampening, decay, and the overall mix. 

The Gold Standard Fathom & Slö reverb combo retails for $349 and is limited to only 196 units. 

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