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FoxGear has debuted two new stompboxes: the Jeenie Analog Guitar Interface and the XYZ Waves.

Similar to its sibling, the Rainbow, XYZ Waves is a unique and user-friendly dedicated platform for modulation algorithms. FoxGear picked five of their best modulation algorithms for guitarists and bassists. The XYZ Waves carries a trio of multifunction controls that, depending on the chosen program, deliver unrivaled flexibility and control. 

The standard Phase, Chorus, and Tremolo algorithms are paired with a Reverb, while unique algorithms such as PolyPitch or Envelope Filter broaden creativity. As the press release states: “The XYZ Waves gives you all the facility and sound quality of bigger and more expensive multi effect units in a pedal board friendly size, cool look, and without breaking the bank!” 

Meanwhile, the Jeenie Analog Guitar Interface is spec’d from a proprietary circuit called ADEQ. It is the first fully analog simulator with amplifier, cabinet, and microphone simulations, making it the perfect stompbox for home rehearsal or recording. 

“All you have to do you is connect your favorite pedals in front of the Jeenie or maybe a backing track from your phone in the Aux Input, and enjoy the highest sound quality out of your Rig with to either your favorite Headphones, or active speakers system,” FoxGear wrote. 

The XYZ Waves and Jeenie Analog Guitar Interface will be available in July for $129 and $149, respectively. 

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