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After its long hiatus in introducing overdrives (the last one being the 385 Overdrive in 2016), Walrus Audio makes a comeback with the ultra-versatile Ages Five-State overdrive pedal. 

“We haven’t released an overdrive since 2016, and with there being more overdrives out there than stars in the sky, we didn’t want to create another one unless we thought it was important,” the company stated.

The Ages sports a five-way rotary dial for different low- and high-gain states. Roll it to I for “compressed and smooth,” II for “pushed, open, and sparkly,” III for “increased saturation and tight,” IV for “saturated, punchy and big,” and V for “heavy compression, thick and chewy.” 

In other words, each position dishes out a different flavor of the stompbox. Elsewhere, the Ages carries control knobs for treb, bass, gain, dry, and vol. Boasting innovative features, the unit is capable of stacking well with other drives as well as standing on its own. 

Measuring 4.77 x 2.9 x 2.3 inches, the Ages comes in a sleek olive green chassis with black, white, and cream ink. It also dons artwork starring “a mythical three trunked warrior elephant ready to charge in [a] victorious battle.”

The Ages is already available for $199 at Walrus Audio and other authorized dealers across the globe. 

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