Walrus Audio Grows Its Modulation Roster With the Polychrome Leave a comment

Walrus Audio has unveiled the newest addition to its modulation lineup—the Polychrome Analog Flanger.

Featuring a similar control interface to Walrus Audio’s Julia and Lillian modulation stompboxes, the Polychrome comes with several modes and blending options.

Chief take over from the two earlier Walrus Audio pedals is the dry blend dial. Just like how the Julia enables blending between a dry signal, a chorus effect, and a vibrato effect and the Lillian permits the same for dry, vibrato, and phaser sounds, the Polychrome’s d-f-v knob allows for adjusting between a flanger effect, a dry signal, or simply the wet signal for a distinctive pitch vibrato sound.

Joining that knob are rate, depth, sweep, and feedback dials, as well as toggle switches for shape and voice. When in the up position, the voice toggle engages a bolder flanger sound, while the shape toggle can activate a random LFO mode for a frenzied modulation.

Also on offer are soft-relay true-bypass switching, top-mounted audio and power jacks, along with Walrus Audio’s most vibrant artwork to date—a multi-colored Iguana.

“Like the Iguana that’s malleable to its environment, blending into its surroundings for harmonious balance or standing out with vibrant confidence, the Polychrome Flanger is a uniquely colorful tool for adding modulated textures to songs,” Walrus Audio detailed.

The Polychrome Analog Flanger is available for £179.

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