TC Electronic Unleashes the Magus Pro Distortion Stompbox Leave a comment

TC Electronic has unveiled an all-new high-gain distortion stompbox—the Magus Pro.

Prime among its features is an LM308 op-amp—as seen in iconic Pro Co Rat units—which is notable for yielding smoother-sounding distortion, credits to its slow slew rate.

As TC Electronic puts into words, “By keeping the slew rate slow, harsh unwanted harmonic overtones and interference are eliminated, leaving you with a smooth layer of pure distortion whilst cranking the gain.”

Not content with that, the Magus Pro also offers three Rat-style operating modes: Classic, Fat, and Turbo. Fat delivers a low-end boost while re-sculpting the upper mids, Turbo engages LED clipping diodes for more headroom and less saturation, while Classic takes you “to a world of oldskool, high gain, punchy mids and a gripping tight bottom end.”

Sporting a pretty simple control interface, the Magus Pro is controllable via high-cut Filter, Gain, and Volume dials. The brand also highlights its “effortless and lasting sustain,” indicating it could work as a solo boost because of its even harmonic resonance.

Other handy features include a compact enclosure, true bypass switching, and space-saving top-mounted jacks.

The TC Electronic Magus Pro is already available for $59. Check out the brand’s website for more details.

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