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Walrus Audio Introduces the M1 High-Fidelity Modulation Machine Leave a comment

Starting the year with a bang, Walrus Audio has launched another pedal, this time a no-nonsense new member of its feature-laden Mako Series—the M1 High-Fidelity Modulation Machine.

With the ability to provide six modulation effects (filter, chorus, vibrato, tremolo, phaser, and rotary), the M1 High-Fidelity Modulation Machine promises studio-grade algorithms inspired by classic analog sounds.

Besides the standard Rate, Depth, and Type dials, the new Mako Series stompbox carries a dedicated Lo-Fi control for dialing in a unique texture and movement for every effect type along with Tune and Tweak knobs for incredible versatility via a pair of three-position toggles.

Using these switches, Tune manages tone, LFO waveform symmetry, and effect-specific X control, while Tweak sets the shape, effect type, and tap tempo division.

Like other Mako Series pedals, the M1 High-Fidelity Modulation Machine offers MIDI control, full stereo operation, nine onward presets, and USB updatability introduced in the D1 V2.

You can now pre-order the M1 High-Fidelity Modulation Machine for $349, with shipping slated for February 28.

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