Walrus Audio Iron Horse V3

Walrus Audio Updates the Iron Horse to V3 Leave a comment

Walrus Audio has unveiled the more powerful V3 version of its Iron Horse, introducing a new clipping blend control.

Like its predecessors, the Iron Horse V3 comes with level, tone, and distortion dials. But instead of the clipping diode selection switch of the earlier variants, the latest iteration comes with blend control for selecting between silicon and LED clipping. You can also opt for both for further textural variation.

Other notable tonal updates include the distortion control behavior when set to a minimum. The Iron Horse V3 addresses the volume drop-off, allowing you to stack it into several other stompboxes or get the low gain sans sacrificing volume.

On top of these edits, the Iron Horse V3 keeps its predecessors’ signature punchy, thick distortion. The gain dial yields anything from mild overdrive to stoner-doom saturation, while the tone knob allows for dialing out high-end to your liking.

Also new to the Iron Horse V3 are top-mounted jacks, true-bypass soft-relay switching, and battle-ready stallion artwork by David Hüttner.

The Iron Horse V3 retails for $199. Drop by the Walrus Audio website to find out more.

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