Wampler Crams Various RAT Voices Into the Ratsbane Leave a comment

Wampler has unveiled a mini stompbox that loads several different RAT voices—the Ratsbane.

Spec’d from the 1980s ProCo RAT, the Ratsbane features the signature distortion character, ranging from a harmonically-rich, fuzz-esque texture to a dirty, overdriven boost. Control-wise, it carries the same Volume, Distortion, and Filter knobs as its inspiration. According to Wampler, the “secret sauce” for the circuit is the Filter dial, which is unique to this style of distortion.

“Turn it counter-clockwise to cut straight through the mix with precision and high-frequency attack that lets your tone soar with absolute clarity. Turn it clockwise to filter the top end, for a warm, buttery, yet clear tone,” the brand wrote.

Alongside these dials are two mini-toggle switches: Gain and Voice. The former engages the stock gain stage behavior or one of two turbocharged stages. Meanwhile, you can use the Voice switch to set how the pedal clips and compresses. That makes the distortion tighter and more manageable at higher gain levels.

Speaking of the Ratsbane’s circuit, Wampler said it “is based on a modern, and in our opinion more harmonically complex, operational amplifier IC, but we know there are some purists out there that will want to try it with an LM308 IC, so we put our ‘engine’ in a socket to allow those adventurous DIY modders amongst you to have some fun. We don’t recommend it though and it shouldn’t be attempted by novices.”

The Ratsbane is available for $149.97. Hear the pedal in action with the demo video below, or head over to Wampler for more details.

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