Gamechanger Audio’s Light Pedal Is Now Available for Purchase Leave a comment

After a year of developing the design, Gamechanger Audio has announced that its Light Pedal is now available for purchase.

Per Gamechanger Audio, “Light Pedal is the world’s first analog optical spring reverb system that uses infra-red optical sensors to harvest the full timbral and harmonic range of a spring reverb tank.” The brand continued to explain that “This method opens up a much wider range of frequencies, harmonics, overtones and textures that are otherwise lost in the mechanical reverberation process.”

Gamechanger Audio uses such a groundbreaking approach for an effects section that incorporates things such as feedback, optical harmonic shimmer, optical reverb modulation, and optical reverb tremolo. These are controllable via the extended signal mix section, allowing for a precise balance between optical reverb signals and classic reverb tone. You may also stack different effects and control them with an expression pedal or playing dynamics.

The Light Pedal retails for €289. Its release comes after the successful run of the preorder campaign, which kicked off in February 2020. Check out Gamechanger Audio’s video about its making below.

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