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Zander Circuitry has teamed up with Pedalboards of Doom for a limited run of Cafetiere Distortofuzz pedals, aiming to raise funds for Black Lives Matter.

“We’re very happy to announce this limited run of ten special fundraiser Cafetiere pedals in partnership with Pedalboards Of Doom 100% of the profits from the sales of these pedals will be donated to Black Lives Matter. A cause we both wholeheartedly support,” Zander Circuitry wrote on a Facebook post.

Tonally, this limited-edition Cafetiere Distortofuzz variant “is a uniquely voiced version of the circuit with different transistors and an asymmetrical clipping option.” The controls are pretty self-explanatory. Gain is the amount of distortion/fuzz, while Level is the master volume. The pedal also carries a clip switch for adding or removing a set of asymmetric clipping diodes. It pairs well with a guitar’s volume control.

Featuring a unique vintage British look, the Cafetiere Distortofuzz sports oxblood Marconi style dials and textured grey finish. While it is a small run of ten pedals, Zander Circuitry notes that “if it goes well enough, there’s no reason why we can’t do another batch.”

The Zander Circuitry Cafetiere Distortofuzz PBoD Ltd Edition Fundraiser Pedal lists for £149. Hear it in action on the official demo video below.

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