Lone Wolf Audio Iron Fist

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Lone Wolf Audio

The Iron Fist from Lone Wolf Audio is a highly tuned and refined fuzz built on a hybrid of a Ram’s Head era fuzz, leveraging handpicked old-school transistors for optimum power, featuring a classic non sizzling tone. You get full control of post and pre gain clipping. The Iron Fist is crafted with top-grade component vintage and new in Austin, TX. It consists of Volume, Mids, Tone, Fuzz, and Depth knobs. The added midrange control guarantees you will no longer get lost in the mix.

Brand: Lone Wolf Audio

Details: The Lone Wolf Audio Iron Fist is a big muff flavored fuzz with power to take you to any big muff era, from gilmourish muff tones to tall font russian massive wall of fuzz.The Iron Fist is a highly tuned and evolved fuzz based on a hybrid of a Rams Head era fuzz. It utilizes hand picked vintage transistors for maximum power, with a vintage non sizzling tone. You have total control over pre and post gain clipping. 1st stage clipping is selectable from silicon, to a more present aggressive matched LED pair. 2nd stage clipping is 3 way Hybrid Silicon/Schotky, No Clipping, and a hybrid NOS pair of germanium diodes only found in the Iron Fist.This pedals is built with high quality component new and vintage in Austin, TX.Controls: Volume, overall output. Tone, conventional bright to dark tone. Fuzz, controls the gain. Mids, controls the midrange content in the final mix. Depth, low frequency adjustment, great for bass.  First stage clipping 2 way toggle switch, silicon and LED. Second stage clipping 3 way toggle Switch, silicon, no diode, germanium.

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