Vertex Steel String

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Get faithful recreation of the feel and tonality of the legendary Dumble Steel String Singer amp within a stompbox format with the Steel String Clean Drive from Vertex. It has been designed alongside the “Real Deal” Dumble Steel String Singer for real D-style tone, warmth, and touch sensitivity. It consists of Gain, Volume, and Filter knobs for adjusting the signal saturation, the output level of the effect, and the midrange emphasis respectively. EQ shaping, compression, boost, overdrive—the Steel String Clean Drive does it all.

Brand: Vertex Effects

Color: Steel String Clean


  • Designed alongside the “Real Deal” Dumble Steel String Singer (SN 001) for authentic D-style tone, touch-sensitivity, and warmth
  • Controls: Volume knob adjusts the output level of the effect; Gain knob adjusts signal saturation from boost below 12:00 to overdrive from 1:00 and beyond; Filter knob adjusts the midrange emphasis from low-mids to the left of 12:00 and upper-mids to the right of 12:00.
  • Suggested settings for desired outputs are included: “Gravity”, B.B. Ray Shepherd”, “EJ”, “Little Lowell”, “Browne Sound”
  • True bypass, crystal-clear overdrive, and fat clean tones with full round sounds through any clean amp platform- this analog tone tool will do it all from overdrive, to fat boost, to compression, to EQ shaping and more!
  • Stompbox format. 9VDC center-negative power operation (adapter not included). Lifetime Warranty.

Details: The Steel String Clean Drive faithfully recreates the tonality and feel of the iconic Dumble Steel String Singer amplifier in a stompbox format. Designed alongside a real Steel String Singer (001), this 100 percent analog tone tool will do it all from overdrive, to fat boost, to compression, to EQ shaping and more. Get the unmistakable Crystal-Clear Overdrive and Fat Clean Tones through any clean amp platform. It’s an integral part of every pedalboard. Assembled in California. Dimensions: 4.6″ x 3.2″ x 1.8″. Power connector: 2.1mm barrel. Input impendence: 2,200,000 ohm. Output impendence: 100k ohm. Current consumption is less than 10mA. DC Voltage: 8.0-9.6V [9.8V MAX].

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