ZVEX Russian Fuzz Factory 7

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The Russian Fuzz Factory 7 is the next evolution of boutique guitar effects pedal company Zvex’s Fuzz Factory 7 stomp. It’s powered by two rare Russian GT308V germanium transistors for super thick, lightning fast fuzz. It ups the ante by replacing the Fat Fuzz Factory’s three-position toggle with a nine-position rotary dial that covers everything from earth shaking low end rumble to stratospheric high frequency shrieks. The Fuzz Factory 7 also features a passive tone control that you can use to rein in your signal’s high end.

Brand: ZVEX Effects

Publisher: Zvex Effects

Details: ZVEX Effects Russian Fuzz Factory 7 The next edition of our Fuzz Factory 7, using two rare, Russian GT308V germanium transistors. Germanium transistors. What makes them so special? It’s because they turn on faster. Sooner. They get turned on way quicker than any other transistors. Yeah, I got a favorite transistor, the shiny fragile amazing mosfet. But the germanium, bipolar and somewhat easily startled and delicate, that loves getting turned on, is my most memorable transistor. Enjoy. She’s waiting for you, respectable and wonderful, the happiest of all semiconductors, the most delicate and perfect. Rock on. Where the Fat Fuzz Factory has a 3 position toggle, The FF7 has a nine position rotary switch and covers enormous sonic territory, from earthshaking low frequencies to “dog whistle” (figuratively) high frequencies. The Fuzz Factory 7 also has a passive tone control (with its own switch) to roll off high end if need be. ZVEX Effects Russian Fuzz Factory 7 Features: 3 position toggle 9 position rotary switch

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