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Alexander Pedals has announced the launch of its Super Neo-Matic pedal, a modern take on a vintage Pefftronics circuit.

The Pefftronics Rand-O-Matic sports a unique and interesting circuit. It is capable of yielding warbled, chorus-esque vibrato and flanged sounds. However, the unit was not without its flaws, such as severe sound degenerations at higher levels.

Alexander Pedals designer Matthew Farrow thought of recreating the magic with high-quality construction techniques and modern DSP technology. He refurbished a vintage unit to build his more usable and contemporary Alexander Pedals version of the circuit.

The Super Neo-Matic packs all the incredible sounds of the original lurk, plus some exciting new surprises. “The original pedals may be slowly fading, but your journey has just begun,” Alexander Pedals wrote.

Similar to the Rand-O-Matic, the Super Neo-Matic enables users to produce uncanny, out of this world, and warbled tones. It comes with two modulation types—Random and Triangle.

This Neo-series stompbox incorporates a suite of parameter controls. That includes Mix (Level), Depth (Ramp Rate), Rate (Range), and Normal or Inverted Feedback. Moreover, players can press a center button for changing the sound’s character from modern to vintage and vice versa.

The Super Neo-Matic is available exclusively via Alexander Pedals dealers for $199.99.

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