Korg Drops Easy-To-Build Nu:Tekt OD-S Kit Leave a comment

Korg has announced the latest addition to its Nu:Tekt range, the OD-S Overdrive kit, which allows practically anyone to play at being a boutique stompbox creator, as it requires no soldering.

The OD-S consists of Korg’s Nutube analogue triode vacuum tube for the harmonic characteristics and performance of traditional vacuum tubes in a more portable, energy-efficient, and stable manner.

Once assembled, this modification-friendly unit carries dual gain dials—one to set the input level to the vacuum tube and another to customize the vacuum tube amplification circuit’s anode load, letting the user tweak its sound at will. The OD-S also features a true bypass option and allows the choice between two different overdrive types.

Most intriguingly, the OD-S boasts discrete components that can be tweaked to the user’s liking, letting them build their unique stompbox. It is perfect for those who wished to create their pedal but is not too handy with a soldering iron.

Besides the OD-S Overdrive kit, Korg’s Nu:Tekt range also includes the NTS-1 and an easy-to-build synth.

Word has it that the OD-S Overdrive kit is priced somewhere around the £219 mark and set to launch in February. Head over to Korg’s website to find out more.

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