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At the request of players, the German pedal brand Nobels has revamped its highly-rated ODR-1 overdrive to include an internal Bass Cut switch under the stompbox’s battery cover to provide greater control over the low end.

“While all single coil guitarists, as well as most humbucker users and even bassists, love the clarity and versatility of the full sound of the ODR-1, some heavy humbucker players asked for the chance to reduce the sub-bass end,” Nobels detailed.

Sporting a solid metal chassis, the ODR-1BC carries controls for Level, Drive, and Spectrum. In standard mode, the pedal channels the full fat original. It also comes with an internal power circuitry update that supports 9V to 18V capacity and enables a higher headroom.

The cult classic ODR-1 has proved to be a favorite with pros, particularly session players, thanks to its ability to work efficiently with guitars’ volume dials for on-the-fly tonal adjustments in songs. A Spectrum control tone pot controls the unit’s extensive range. Rolling the knob clockwise increases the treble and bass simultaneously.

The midrange of the ODR-1BC remains untouched in either direction to deliver transparency with a bit of warmth. As a result, it can serve as an especially effective stompbox for Strat players.

To coincide with the debut of the ODR-1BC, the Audio Distribution Group has been named as the new distributor for Nobels in Europe and the UK.

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