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Barcelona-headquartered Ananashead Effects has announced a new overdrive stompbox that vows to “add some ‘70s doomy grit to your chain,” the GT73.

Sporting a handmade design spec’d from the 1973 Matamp GT120 preamp, the GT73 consists of a master volume control and solid-state components instead of tubes.

The six-knob stompbox revamps the previous big-box GT73, replacing the original’s JFETs with an SMD equivalent. Control dials include Treble, Bass, Presence, Volume, Master, and Bass-Boost.

“The original Drive control is fixed on the ‘Stage Bright’ setting and the Bass-Boost rotary switch has been changed for a potentiometer, this allows to reduce the size of the enclosure. Maintains the same inductor based Presence control like the GT120,” Ananashead Effects detailed.

Other innovative features include true bypass switching, alpha potentiometers, shielded inputs and outputs, as well as a filtered and protected 9VDC input.

The GT73 overdrive lists for €140. Per the brand, it “can be ready to ship in a couple of weeks depending on the availability of components.” You can learn more over at the Ananashead Effects website.

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