Andy Wood Collaborates With Wampler for the Gearbox Overdrive Leave a comment

Wampler Pedals has joined forces with country-rock electric guitar shredder Andy Wood for the Gearbox Andy Wood Signature Overdrive, which lets you enjoy two of the most iconic Wampler drive circuits—the Pinnacle and the Tumnus—in a single chassis.

Spec’d from the Tumnus, Channel 1 works well as a slightly dirty boost or a standalone overdrive and is stackable with another stompbox to help drive or sculpt the overall gain.

On the other hand, the Pinnacle-based Channel 2 gives you legendary “Brown Sound” tones, along with a noise gate and a three-band EQ for more tone-shaping possibilities.

Both channels come with independent gain and volume controls. You may also use them in tandem, with a switch to set which circuit comes first in your signal chain.

For supreme control, you can connect each set of inputs and outputs to an external switcher to mix or match in series or parallel.

The Gearbox Andy Wood Signature Overdrive is available for $269.97. Check out the Wampler Pedals website for more details.

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