Atomic Amps Upgrades Its Ampli-Firebox to MkII Leave a comment

Atomic Amps has launched a new MkII variant of its Ampli-Firebox, adding a new set of functionalities to the digital modeling stompbox.

Built as a compact, high-end digital modeler with a straightforward layout, the Ampli-Firebox MkII, like its predecessor, comes with a compressor, noise gate, tone stack, inbuilt time-based effects, as well as both quarter-inch and XLR inputs and outputs. It also maintains the ability to load in your IRs for cabinet simulation.

New for the Ampli-Firebox MkII is a headphone jack, an overhauled modeling engine, a range of new amp models, and a revamped interface for the accompanying editor app.

Control-wise, the Ampli-Firebox MkII consists of control dials for gain, presence, master volume, channel level, and a three-band EQ. Presets are modifiable and savable via USB connection or with the inbuilt toggle switches or right footswitch. Both footswitches are assignable, and you may set them to engage effects or switch amps.

As Atomic Amps puts into words, “Ampli-Firebox MKII is the perfect amp-modeling centerpiece to a guitarist’s pedal board or standalone solution into an amp, direct to front-of-house or for recording. It’s also an ideal portable silent practice solution and no compromise backup rig.”

The Ampli-Firebox MkII retails for $399.95. Learn more at the Atomic Amps website.

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