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TC Electronic has unveiled a scaled-down version of its Skysurfer Reverb—the Skysurfer Mini Reverb.

Cramming all the original features into a new ultra-compact chassis, the Skysurfer Mini Reverb offers a trio of “bread and butter,” studio-grade reverb algorithms to choose from—Hall, Plate, and Spring. Hall yields natural-sounding reverbs of different spatial dimensions; Plate emulates classic studio reverbs; while Spring mimics the sound of a retro reverb tank.

“Unlike many of our competitors’ budget-friendly reverb pedals that often disrespect your tone, Skysurfer Mini Reverb is the perfect beach buddy,” TC Electronic detailed. “Designed around superb studio-grade algorithms, Skysurfer Mini Reverb provides all the lush, transparent reverb sounds you could ever dream of—without compromising your original tone.”

Besides regular Mix and Reverb dials, the Skysurfer Mini Reverb also carries a Tone knob for dialing in saturated high-frequency content for sparkling tones. Also on offer is a true bypass footswitch to help maintain the pureness of your instrument’s tone when not engaged.

Donning the same blue paint job as its bigger sibling, the Skysurfer Mini Reverb’s compact housing consists of top-mounted jacks to better accommodate other stompboxes in your pedalboard.

TC Electronic launched Skysurfer Reverb in 2016 to let players enjoy quality reverb tones without breaking the bank. Based on the brand’s trailer for the Skysurfer Mini Reverb, it seems more mini stompboxes are in the works.

The Skysurfer Mini Reverb retails for $50. Head over to the TC Electronic website for more details.

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