Becos Ziffer Overdrive

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Romanian effects stompbox manufacturer Becos Effects has joined forces with Ratt and Hot Crazy guitarist Jordan Ziff for the ultra-compact Ziffer Overdrive.

Drawing inspiration from the Becos TS8-MS Overdrive MIDI Switching, the Ziffer Overdrive boasts an incredibly streamlined construction, consisting of a no-nonsense control interface that says a lot about the brand’s ability to load multiple sonic features into compact, pedalboard-friendly enclosures.

Eliminating MIDI switching capability, the Ziffer Overdrive aims to deliver a Tube Screamer-esque performance. “I’ve been using the Becos overdrive for about a couple of years now, and the overdrive itself is just my favorite sounding overdrive ever,” Ziff detailed. “We designed one that’s a little more compact and one that can just do everything. It’s really versatile.”

Scaled-down chassis or not, the Ziffer Overdrive offers extensive scope for tone-shaping. The sound is adjustable via three self-explanatory dials for Tone, Level, and Gain parameters, as well as a pair of toggle switches for Classic/Deep frequency response modes and Classic/Asymmetric/LEDs clipping options. You can also use the mini-knobs to set your wet/dry mix and trim dry EQ frequency.

The Jordan Ziff Overdrive retails for $169 and will be available to preorder starting August. Head over to Becos Effects for more details.

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