McGregor Cozmic Fuzzball

McGregor Pedals Enters Fuzz Arena With the Cozmic Fuzzball Leave a comment

Vancouver-headquartered McGregor Pedals has made its way into the fuzz market with the Cozmic Fuzzball.

Like the brand’s Crunch Transparent and Crunch Plus overdrives, the Cozmic Fuzzball pairs well with both electric and bass guitar and comes with a straightforward three-knob interface—Tone, Attack, and Volume.

Tone serves as a variable high-pass filter, Attack sets the strength of the signal popping the stompbox’s fuzz transistor, while Volume reduces the clipped signal level after it departs the tone filter.

Other notable features include true bypass operation, unmarked trim pot for adjusting LED brightness, and top-mounted audio jacks for better pedalboard placement.

“As you bring up the attack the distortion gets heavier; by noon on the attack, you have already started to hear fuzz layered in,” pedal designer Garth Heslop detailed. “Both the fuzz and sustain grow from there. The Cozmic Fuzzball was designed for both guitar and bass.”

You can now purchase the Cozmic Fuzzball for a reduced price of $210 instead of $245.

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