NativeAudio Rising Sun V2

NativeAudio Upgrades Its Rising Sun to V2 Leave a comment

Operating out of Ohio, NativeAudio has released an all-analog revamped version of its Rising Sun tremolo, the Rising Sun V2.

Sweetening the technology of the flagship iteration, the Rising Sun V2 features an updated control interface for better usability on top of a flurry of new tonal functionalities.

Notable updates include a higher noise floor for more silent operation, optional nine or 18 volt DC operation for varying headroom, and 13 additional dBs of boost for more dynamic preamp capabilities.

Control-wise, the pedalboard-friendly stompbox consists of five dials, a central toggle switch, and a pair of footswitches. Depth and Volume parameters are relatively self-explanatory, setting the effect intensity and output.

Elsewhere, the Rising Sun V2 consists of a revamped bypass design to preserve signal integrity and a more extensive Rate dial with half-note division capabilities to provide a more comprehensive range of tremolo speeds.

“Rising Sun is an optical tremolo pedal that expands on the technology found in vintage amplifiers,” the brand details. “The intuitive interface features volume, waveform, and depth controls for a warm-analog tremolo experience.”

The NativeAudio Rising Sun V2 retails for $239. More info is available on the brand’s website.

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