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Blackstar Amplification has unveiled the Live Logic, an ultra-versatile six-button MIDI foot controller that comes in a portable form factor.

The Live Logic gives players MIDI control over their performance and recording environments. It also serves a bridge between outboard gears, DAWs, pedalboards, and more. 

Sporting six footswitches, the Live Logic offers two modes: Patch and Custom. While working in Patch Mode, players may utilize switches one through four to send out program change MIDI messages or five and six to scroll through banks. In Custom Mode, footswitches are assignable to any MIDI-based parameters with options for toggling modes, modifying specific MIDI values, and more via its companion software.

Moreover, the controller features official integration to Ableton Live. That enables it to function as a DAW control surface or a performance controller for looping as well as controlling live lighting rigs.

“Our Live Logic MIDI Footcontroller is the only footcontroller to include a free copy of Ableton’s excellent Live Lite 10 Lite software. You can use all of Live 10 Lite’s essential workflows, instruments and effects to record songs, create hands-on with your controller, take music made in your apps further and much more,” Blackstar Amplification detailed.

As for its sockets, the Live Logic consists of two expression inputs, a MIDI ins and outs, a 9V DC power input, and a USB port. 

The Blackstar Live Logic is available for $179.99. 


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