Poly Effects Releases the Beebo Multi-Modulation Pedal Leave a comment

Poly Effects has unveiled the Beebo, an easy to use multi-modulation stompbox that packs the power of a Eurorack modular synth.

The Beebo sports an intuitive touch screen display that can be used to access modular and conventional effects, flexible routing options, as well as a drum machine. It is perfect for those who want excellent live tools or to push the boundaries of sound design. 

In terms of standard effects, the Beebo features a familiar fare of EQs, choruses, compressors, phaser, delays, and many more. Players can route these by dragging and drawing to craft custom patches. Moreover, every effect provides a ton of controls. 

“Each effect is a powerful algorithm when used alone, but the real magic comes when you combine them and control them. The rotary for example, exposes more than 30 parameters for those who want to dig deep into its detailed physical model. Combining effects, and controlling one module from another is what it’s all about in Beebo,” Poly Effects wrote. 

Outside of the touchscreen display, effects are also controllable using two control knobs and three footswitches, which are custom assignable to different parameters. Designed with sonic exploration in mind, the Beebo comes with a USB port for importing and exporting curated presets.

The Beebo multi-modulation pedal retails for $399. 

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