Boss Drops the SY-200 Synth and IR-200 Cab Sim Leave a comment

Boss has introduced the SY-200 Synth and IR-200 Cab Sim pedals, both sharing the 200-series format.

Designed as a comprehensive cabinet sim stompbox, the IR-200 boasts dual discrete digital signal processors, supporting up to 32-bit floating-point/96 kHz resolution, mono/stereo impulse responses, and files of up to 500ms in length.

Even better, the IR-200 comes pre-loaded with eight guitar amp models, three bass amp models, and 144 Boss and 10 Celestion Digital cabinet IRs.

You can run two IRs simultaneously for a dual-amp rig experience. The IR-200’s extensive connectivity enables various stereo and MIDI-connected setups and acts as a USB audio interface.

Meanwhile, the SY-200 is jam-packed with 171 base sounds, with 12 classifications: pad, SFX, bell, lead, bass, dual, string, noise, organ, sweep, arpeggio, and sequence. Its control interface allows for customizing dry and synthesized signals simultaneously.

Three other dials show their functions on the LCD screen while I/O is as extensive as the IR-200’s, incorporating an effects loop, USB, MIDI, and expression pedal connectivity.

The Boss SY-200 Synth and IR-200 Cab Sim are now available for $299.99 and $399.99, respectively.

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