Keeley Electronics Compressor Mini

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The maker of the well-loved Compressor Plus, Keeley Electronics, has debuted what it calls “the next generation of Keeley compression,” the Compressor Mini.

Sporting an ultra-sleek and pedalboard-friendly enclosure, the Compressor Mini features a bypass footswitch and a dual-knob layout consisting of Level and Comp.

“Featuring Manhattan-style compression, the Compressor Mini intuitively and automatically delivers the perfect blend of dynamic and compressed guitar signal,” Keeley Electronics details. “This is how the Compressor Mini retains all of the subtlety and dynamics in your playing, making it effortless to play and sound your best.”

While it seeks to pay tribute to vintage Keeley tones, the Compressor Mini incorporates some fresh additions such as an inbuilt preamp and automatic tone recovery—a treble clarifier for high compression settings.

In action, toning down the Comp knob yields a lush tone that tightens up your chords, while dialing in a more pronounced setting evens out your attack for a percussive-style effect.

Designed and made in the USA, the Keeley Electronics Compressor Mini comes in either Black or limited-edition Arctic White colorways, with a price tag of $129.

Hear it in action with the demo video below, or head over to Keeley Electronics for more details.

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