Dusky Electronics Toasted Overdrive

Dusky Electronics Serves Up the Toasted Overdrive Leave a comment

Durham-based stompbox manufacturer Dusky Electronics has unveiled a refinement of its Toasted Drive—the Toasted Overdrive, a semi-transparent, low-to-medium gain pedal.

Sporting a brand-new paint job, the new and improved Toasted performs “everything its ancestor could do, just better,” according to the brand.

At the core of its design are dual MOSFET gain stages cascading into each other to re-create the gain stages of a tube amp.

Per Dusky Electronics, the Toasted’s “substantial output volume allows it to push a tube amplifier over the edge,” which should make it perfect for stacking with other stompboxes.

In terms of control, the Toasted consists of an internal MEAT switch for extending the low-end range and three rotary knobs—More for managing the overall volume output, Heat for setting the gain up/down, and Color for raising or lowering gain on the treble frequencies.

Power-wise, the Dusky Electronics Toasted operates on a 9V battery or a 9-18V power supply and is now available for $180. Visit the brand’s website for more details.

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