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Carl Martin Unveils the Ottawa Vintage Optical Envelope Leave a comment

Carl Martin has lifted the veil on its new modulation stompbox—the Ottawa Vintage Optical Envelope.

Taking its name from Canada’s capital city, the Ottawa is a beefed-up variant of the Carl Martin Optical Envelope Filter, looking to provide psych-style auto-pilot wah sounds.

“For those of you from Canada, or who know anything about Canada outside of beavers, and maple syrup…. the capitol of the country is called Ottawa, and is full of politicians who do nothing but wah-wah-wah all day long (see where we are going with this?),” the brand wrote.

Control-wise, the new envelope filter adopts a pleasantly straightforward approach, consisting of four control dials for Q, Level, Tone, and Attack along with a three-position selector switch.

The Tone and Level controls are in charge, respectively, of tweaking the high cut filter and volume, while Attack is responsible for managing filter sensitivity. Ultimately, the Q dial sets the bandwidth, letting you roll between soft wahs and “ear-ripping” tones.

As for the selector switch, you can toggle between three separate presets—HP (High Pass), BP (Band Pass), and LP (Low Pass), giving you a holistic library of vintage wah sounds.

Carl Martin has yet to announce the official US price. In the meantime, you can check out its product manual or introductory video below.

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