Mooer Groove Loop x2

Mooer Releases the Drum Machine-Equipped Groove Loop X2 Leave a comment

Chinese pedal maker Mooer has once again expanded its pedal roster with the Groove Loop X2 looper.

Designed as the “ultimate looper and drum machine combo pedal,” the Groove Loop X2 contains 14 save slots that can store up to 10 minutes of audio apiece, along with 121 drum grooves consisting of 11 discrete musical styles, selectable using Genre and Pattern dials.

Besides the usual Normal looping mode, the Groove Loop X2 also comes with a Count-in mode that you can toggle on/off and an Automatic mode, which starts looping immediately after instrument signal detection.

Other noteworthy features include Justify function to conveniently sync looper and drum machine, Time Stretch to adjust playback speed sans affecting the pitch, and Tap Tempo for manual drum machine bpm setting.

Not content with that, the Groove Loop X2 also includes stereo inputs and the ability to split the looper and drum machine into independent stereo outputs.

The Mooer Groove Loop X2 is out now. For more details, check out its product manual or head over to the brand’s website.

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