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Guitar effects pedal company Catalinbread has released a revamped, hot-rodded variant of its iconic Dirty Little Secret, Plexi-esque overdrive.

Per the press release, the Dirty Little Secret Red is a “finely-tuned and well-oiled (figuratively, of course) gain machine that we distilled into a more potent and volatile formula.”

The Dirty Little Secret Red sports a more refined collection of gain stages that slices through the low-mids of the original and delivers an extended plethora of punch and clarity.

Catalinbread’s flagship DLS circuitry has been configured to offer “more of everything you love about the original with a touch more blistering, amp-smashing gain across both modes, as well as a more hi-fi EQ section and a fully-balanced—yet still very much Marshall—tonal profile.”

Hand-built in Portland, the Dirty Little Secret Red features two voicings—SB (Super Bass) and SL (Super Lead)—that are switchable via an internal slider switch. The tone controls are modified differently in SB/SL mode, and each dial directly affects the dynamics of the other controls.

Despite the slight tweaks, the Dirty Little Secret Red preserves the blistering British tone profile the original is known for. Other features include a presence trim pot that lets users fine-tune the amount of presence or high treble frequencies that the stompbox generates.

The Dirty Little Secret Red retails for $189.99.

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