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J. Rockett Audio has launched the new APE (Analog Preamp Experiment) stompbox, featuring a replica of the Echoplex EP-3’s analog circuit.

Spec’d from the iconic Echoplex preamp section, the APE Delay sports REC, Repeats, and Mix knobs for controlling the gain on delayed notes, the number of repeats, and the wet/dry mix in loop mode, respectively.

Users may utilize it as a standalone effect or position it in front of their delay stompbox or loop setup. The APE Delay preamp consists of footswitches for engaging the loop mode and turning the stompbox on/off.

The APE pedal runs on a historically-precise 22.5-volts for dynamic response and high headroom. It has been configured to improve the tone of the user’s other effects stompboxes connected to the send/return loop.

Beloved by 70s guitarists and championed by the likes of Eddie Van Halen and Jimmy Page for its capability to add boost and warmth to their tone and its echo effect, the EP-3 possesses an all-time classic tone.

Besides the new APE, a ton of pedals provides that EP-3 vibe today, including Catalinbread’s Belle Epoch Deluxe and JHS Pedals’ Milkman Tape Delay, among several others. Echoplex is already a Dunlop trademark, offering echo and preamp pedals.

The APE Delay preamp retails for $199.

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