Catalinbread Dreamcoat and Skewer

Catalinbread Unveils Ritchie Blackmore-Inspired Dreamcoat and Skewer Pedals Leave a comment

Catalinbread has introduced two new stompboxes—the Dreamcoat and Skewer, both drawing inspiration from the tone of iconic guitarist Ritchie Blackmore.

The Dreamcoat clones Ritchie’s beloved Aiwa TP-1011 reel-to-reel microphone preamp and incorporates new functionalities. A Saturation dial allows for adding more grunt to your signal, while a Frequency control boosts the 2.4KHz to 5KHz region. Also making the cut is a Blend knob for better command over your overall tone.

Meanwhile, the Skewer is spec’d from another mainstay on Ritchie’s arsenal, the Hornby-Skewes Treble Booster, and comes with the same functionality as the Catalinbread Naga Viper. It consists of Skew, Boost, and Extra dials for respectively modifying frequency response, setting the gain amount added, and adding gain from the silicon transistor.

The Dreamcoat and Skewer will be initially available as a two-pedal box set at a discounted price of $299.99 instead of roughly $359.98. Both units will be purchasable separately in August with individual prices TBA.

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