Pigtronix Infinity 3, Universal Remote

Pigtronix Releases Infinity 3 Along With Universal Remote Leave a comment

Pigtronix has released an update to its Infinity Looper stompbox—the Infinity 3, together with the three-footswitch Universal Remote that transmits signals to any pedals with TRS footswitch control support.

Consisting of a trio of footswitches, the Infinity 3 lets you dub, record, playback, undo, and redo, across dual stereo loop pairs playable in series or parallel or cue’d and synchronized for auto playback.

Additional controls include a preset selection dial, master volume, along with independent volume knobs for each loop. It also carries push buttons for modifying different operating modes, such as sample rate, footswitch behavior, sync mode between the two loops, and whether the unit is playing in series or parallel.

Under the hood, the Infinity 3 packs three hours of recording time on as many as 50 loop pairs, transparent analog pass-through, 24-bit recording engine, and discrete analog limiter stages. Also available is full MIDI support for integrating with a DAW, drum machine, or other stompboxes.

Meanwhile, the passive Universal Remote’s three momentary footswitches enable an extensive range of control applications. Per Pigtronix, when using a quarter-inch TRS cable, the unit can do three things: “Left footswitch shorts the Tip to Sleeve, the Right footswitch shorts the Ring to Sleeve and the Center footswitch shorts both Tip and Ring to Sleeve simultaneously.”

The Pigtronix Infinity 3 and the Universal Remote are available respectively for $419 and $79.

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