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Chaos Audio Revamps Its Bluetooth-Enabled Stratus Pedal Leave a comment

Several months after launching its first-generation Bluetooth-enabled multi-FX stompbox, Chaos Audio is back with a new-and-improved variant of its clever, all-in-one pedal—the Stratus.

Thanks to the help of several industry professionals, Chaos Audio has modified the original design, creating a “more versatile, more affordable and more intuitive” unit.

Touted as “the perfect effects solution for beginner and advanced guitarists alike,” the new Stratus comes with the same innovative app-controlled interface where you can dial in, shape, and stack various effects on demand.

Current features include a range of fuzzes, delays, reverbs, overdrives, and distortions, along with an array of modulations such as wah, chorus, phaser, and flanger. You may also connect it to a dedicated Chaos Audio app and send effects signals to Stratus.

As if the effect-manipulating properties weren’t enough, the Stratus also consists of an inbuilt tuner and a five-minute looper, controllable via the parameter control dial.

Per Chaos Audio CEO Landon McCoy, “Stratus retains the features that made it exciting in the first place. The looper, tuner, intuitive smartphone UI, and device customizability are all intact and we’ve made noticeable updates to the pedal’s design.”

The brand’s Kickstarter page reveals that the Stratus has already hit its financial target, raising more than $23,000 from multi-effects enthusiasts across the globe. You can learn more over at the Chaos Audio website.

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