VS Audio Blackbird Overdrive

VS Audio Loads Two Fender-Style Amp Tones Into the Blackbird Leave a comment

VS Audio has unveiled a versatile offering—the Blackbird Overdrive, recreating and cramming two vintage Fender-style amp tones into one pedalboard-friendly stompbox.

Advertised by VS Audio as “the first-ever pedal that succeeds in generating Brownface/Blackface-style tones,” the Blackbird goes beyond merely being an overdrive. According to the brand, “Placing the Blackbird further down your effects chain reveals its ability to function like a true preamp, giving other overdrives and dirt boxes a glassy blackface or a spongy Brownface touch.”

Drawing inspiration from the sonic character of iconic Fender amps—Twin Reverb and Deluxe, the Blackbird comes with dual voices called Brownface ’63 and Blackface ’65. Each amp iteration is selectable via one of two toggle switches.

Performance-wise, VS Audio says the Brownface ’63 dishes out a beefier sound with a more pronounced mid-range, while the Blackface ’65 has a glassy tonal character.

Other tone-shaping tools include Tone, Drive, and Volume dials, along with silent switching and an all-analog signal path providing anything from pristine bite to high-gain overdrives. If you’re looking for more headroom, you may also change between 9V and 18V.

Designed and made in Greece, the VS Audio Blackbird Overdrive carries a price tag of $216. Head over to the brand’s website for more details.

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