TC Electronic Zeus Drive

TC Electronic Reinvents the Klon With the Zeus Drive Leave a comment

TC Electronic has released a compact, budget-friendly take on the iconic Klon style of transparent overdrive stompboxes—the Zeus Drive.

Sporting a similar compact form factor as TC Electronic’s Magus Pro and Skysurfer Mini, the Zeus Drive carries top-mounted jacks and the same three-dial, one-toggle-switch control interface.

“Zeus Drive has arrived direct from the heavens. With its highly sought-after overdrive boost circuit, this golden chalice among overdrive pedals has a luxurious warm tone and quite an astonishing dynamic response, injecting the nectar of the Gods directly into your guitar sound,” TC Electronic wrote.

Staying true to the original, the Zeus Drive consists of staple Klon controls—Drive, Treble, and Volume. The Drive knob acts as a dual-gang potentiometer blending between a clean signal and a clipped signal.

TC Electronic slightly tweaks the formula with the inclusion of a Fat toggle switch. Engaging it injects additional bass and tightens the low-end response, a sound the brand claims is ideal for “gut-wrenching, chugging, riffery.”

Other handy features include a clipping stage that employs 1N34A Germanium diodes and an internal dipswitch for toggling between true bypass and buffered bypass.

Check out Zeus Drive’s introductory video below or learn more at the TC Electronic website.

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