Collision Devices Debuts the Eco-Friendly Ranch Pedal Leave a comment

French pedal manufacturer Collision Devices has launched the Ranch, a three-effect stompbox consisting of a dynamic tremolo, boost, and drive.

Per Collision Devices, the pedal is their “modern vision of a ranch,” further detailing: “We have built this pedal to be very dependant on the dynamic on your playing. We have tried to find some materials alternatives in the aim to be conscient of our ecological.”

The Ranch sports an eco-friendly chassis made with a slice of Pinatex—a faux-leather made from pineapple leaves (regarded as an agricultural waste product)—and medium-density American walnut sourced from trees grown within Europe to minimize carbon emissions from shipping. 

Each unit is glazed with a non-chemically treated cold-pressed linseed oil. Collision Devices also includes a little can of wax and a small GOTS-certified pad to apply it, helping keep the Ranch looking new.

Control-wise, the Ranch carries Dust (drive), Bright (mid-treble), and Strength dials for the drive section. On the other hand, boost and tremolo controls are inside the unit—a set-it-and-forget-it type of situation, adjustable with a screwdriver. 

The Ranch is available for preorder for €279, inclusive of a lifetime warranty. Also, the first 25 pedals come with a handmade Pinatex handbag. Learn more at the Collision Devices website.

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