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Siren Pedals is continuing their momentum by expanding their pedal roster to add two new guitar effects stompboxes: the Eligos heavy metal distortion and the Juneau overdrive. Both pedals are ready to populate any pedalboard. 

Spec’d from the wicked Boss HM-2, the Eligos “channels your own dark forces,” allowing players to produce searing leads. “You will soon be ascending your tone to powerful new heights where ancestral glory awaits you,” the press release reads. 

The Eligos heavy metal distortion pedal comes in an enclosure sporting a sleek red paint job and featuring an artwork showing the demon and his evil steed. 

Meanwhile, the Juneau overdrive is the company’s take on the classic Blues Breaker circuit. This strikingly beautiful pedal radiates admiration and wonder. As Siren puts into words, “It purrs like a kitten and roars like a beast. You’ll quickly discover why it is the king of overdrive.” 

The Juneau overdrive comes in a stunning blue enclosure with a ferocious tiger artwork. Both stompboxes measure 4.8 x 2.59 x 1.55 inches, and power requirements are 9VDC.

The Eligos heavy metal distortion and the Juneau overdrive are already available for $199 apiece on the Siren Pedals website. For more details, check out the company’s demo videos below or visit Siren Pedals. 

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